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With the free supplied Print Manager software it is possible to easily print out different kind of lists. These lists include overview, training or clocking lists and a pigeon list. You can also archive your races by date and add a description.

To read out your X-treme do the following steps:

  • 1) Start up print manager.
  • 2) Press read out, Print Manager will ask to connect an ETS.
  • 3) Connect the X-treme with the USB cable to your computer.
  • 4) Print Manager will read out the clock.
  • 5) After the read out is finished you can disconnect the clock by unplugging the USB cable.

Part of the Print Manager that allows the X-treme to send live data to your computer.
Which include: number of connected antenna’s, number of pigeons clocked, all clocked pigeons, all basketted races and you can choose yourself what information you see by (un)checking the box in the show column.

To use the Monitor do the following steps:

  • 1) Connect the X-treme with your antenna’s. *
  • 2) Connect the X-treme with the USB cable to your computer.
  • 3) Wait until the screen on the clock says X antennas found.
4) Start up print manager.
5) Click on monitor in the print manager.
6) The data from the X-treme will be read automatically and shown on screen.
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With the monitoring part of the Print Manager software it is possible to receive E-mail notifications. To activate this feature go to options (in the monitor) and fill in your E-mail address and outgoing mail-server.
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Print manager met BriconWeb
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The monitoring page without BRICONweb

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The monitoring page with BRICONweb

As you can clearly see on the above images there is a lot more information when BRICONweb is being used. There are now columns that show the speed and distance that are calculated with great precision by using your exact coordinates, coordinates of the release location, and exact time of release. This calculation is done automatically for all the races that are added by a responsible of your club (where you basketted) to The supported races are easily distinguishable by the green color and the checkbox in the web column. BRICONweb will also make a provisional ranking from all registered pigeons and show your pigeons position in a new column that gets updated as more birds arrive during the race.

For more information about BRICONweb click