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What is new?

The new X-treme offers the same functions as the Little BRICON with the following new/improved functions:

- Registration of an unlimited amount of pigeons
- Graphic display with clear icons
- More info about clock data (race info, linking table,...)
- A ‘Full lifetime’ logbook
- Double function: usable as main clock or DUO clock
- Powered USB port for PC communication
- Supplied with USB Print Manager software
- Automatic registration of clocked birds with BRICONweb
- Projection of your clocks display on a PC
- Automatic email notification of all arrived pigeons


Navigating the X-treme is done by a menu structure. All menu items are represented by a fitting icon and are sorted according to usage.
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USB port
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Because of the new USB port it is now possible to project the clocks screen to a connected laptop or desktop. The supplied USB Print Manager software can be used to read out the data from the X-treme.
Print Manager software

The free supplied Print Manager software makes it possible to easily print out overview, training or clocking lists and archive your races.
For more information about the possibilities of the Print Manager software click here.
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Part of the Print Manager that allows the X-treme to send live data to your computer.
Which include: number of connected antenna’s, number of pigeons clocked, all clocked pigeons, all basked races and you can choose yourself what information you see.

To use the monitoring function:
  • 1) Connect the X-treme with your antenna’s *
  • 2) Connect the X-treme with the USB cable to your computer
  • 3) Wait till the screen on the clock says X antennas found
4) Start up print manager
5) Click on monitor in the print manager
6) The data from the X-treme will be read automatically by the program and shown on screen

* If you don’t want to see live data of pigeons as they arrive you can skip this step and plug in your clock with only USB and wait till the screen says no antennas found.
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After you're done using the program always first close the monitor window before unplugging the USB cable.

With the monitoring function of Print Manager its possible to register your pigeons automatically to our registration server This will be done automatically and can be used to replace calling the club to register a clocked bird (even when using a rubber).

For more information about BRICONweb click

Technical data

Unlimited amount of pigeons (currently capped at 1000)
Unlimited amount of races (16 simultaneous)
Connect unlimited amount of antennas.
Unlimited number of antenna fields.
Maximum length connection cable: 300 m
USB connection.

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